Madeline Harmath

Saving Grace Healing Services provides Reiki healing services and more worldwide.

Daily Energetic Clearing

Wake up to each day "Energetically Clean" with a boost of well-being and the support of the Divine.

Benefits of this service include:

A request to the Divine to help you in whatever way is in your highest good and yours by Divine right.

Removal of Dark Forces
from within every aspect of your being across all time and space*

  • Vows and curses: Those you created for yourself as well as those others have inflicted upon you.
  • Disincarnate Spirits (ghosts), Entities, Implants and anything else that has energetically attached themselves to you.
  • Any and all negative emotional baggage you are ready to release.
  • Energies of manipulation, interference, influence and distraction.

A Clearing and Balancing of your energetic system*

  • Grounding every aspect of your being to Earth
  • Clearing all of your cords, patterns, programs and attachments to people, places, institutions, and environments
  • Disentangling your field from the field of others
  • Clearing and Optimizing your Chakras, Sub-chakras, Etheric and Auric fields
  • Bringing your connection with the Divine to Optimal

Your energetic Feng Shui brought to Optimal

  • Heaven Luck
  • Human Luck
  • Earth Luck
  • Best direction of every frequency of the light
  • Best direction of success
  • Best direction of Health
  • Best direction of personal growth
  • Best direction of relationships

Frequencies of the Light brought to Optimal
within every aspect of your being across all time and space:

  • Unconditional Love
  • Unconditional Compassion
  • Divine Courage
  • Divine Healing
  • Divine Truth
  • Divine Trust
  • Divine Faith
  • Divine Wisdom
  • Divine Equanimity
  • Divine Power
  • Divine Abundance
  • Divine Prosperity
  • Divine Flow
  • Divine Forgiveness
  • Divine Oneness
  • Divine Light

*Please note that I can only clear that which you are ready and willing to let go off.

This Healing is intended to help you be the best version of yourself each and every day!

Daily Energetic Clearing $99/month (per adult)

All children 18 years or younger can sign up for FREE

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