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Saving Grace Healing Services provides remote Reiki healing services worldwide.

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Custom Energy Healing Services

A Custom Energy Healing session is the most advanced form of healing. In these sessions we concentrate on healing one specific topic. During the session we diagnose the various emotional triggers that are associated with this topic, then proceed to heal each one until all aspects of this topic have been completely healed.

Common Topics may include:

  • Re-occurring Physical Pain
  • Disease
  • Financial Struggle/ Lost opportunities
  • Unhealthy Relationships: Familial, Romantic, Professional
  • Severe Depression (medicated)
  • Severe Anxiety (medicated)
Basically anything that can be deemed as negative in your life.

Common emotional triggers that require healing:

  • Lack of Abundance
  • Lack of Self Worth/ Self Confidence
  • Lack of Unconditional Love
  • Lack of Unconditional Compassion
  • Lack of Trust in Self/Others
  • Scarcity, Debit, Financial Insecurities
  • Struggle, Suffering
  • Heartbreak
  • Abandonment
  • Betrayal

A Custom Energy Healing focuses on healing Trauma, Past Lives, Dis-Empowering Beliefs and Rules, Family Bloodline Issues, Tantrums, Emotional Toxicity, Archetype Behavior, Patterns, Programs, Attachments to ideas, people, places and institutions that no longer serve us. Due to the deeper nature of this healing, the long-term effects of this healing may take up to several weeks to be fully realized.

In-person and remote healing options available

Custom Energy Healing - $145 / 90 minute session